Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Week #1 running log

I finished my first official week of running. I am starting out with a specific amount of time that I plan on running so that I can go at whatever pace seems best for me. I don't want to make a goal for how far to run so that I don't over do it. I have been feeling better with each time out and finished the week with a 3 mile run with a friend of mine who is rather active in sports. I will keep an update each week as well as a log of my progress.

Sunday 10/9--Ran for 40 minutes for the first time in many many many years. First day towards Marathon 2012.
Tuesday 10/11--Ran for 40 minutes.
Wednesday 10/12-Ran for 45 minutes
Thursday 10/13-Ran for 40 minutes--possibly 3.5-4 miles.
Friday -Off
Saturday--Ran 3 miles around 30 minutes.

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