Sunday, October 30, 2011

week #3 running log--Sucked!

So my week #3 sucked ass. I started well as I normally run on Monday and Tuesday, followed by a day off on Wednesday and then ran again on Thursday. My son had a Halloween party for school which left me little time to run on Friday. I then went out Friday night with some friends and had way too much to drink leaving me very hungover on Saturday. Nix that. Sunday I spent time with my family so no running then either. I have to get back in to the saddle tommorrow during nap time so that I can keep pace for my first month of consistent running. It could have been worse...

Monday-- Ran for 35 minutes
Tuesday--Ran for 35 minutes
Wednesday- Day off.
Thursday-- ran for 35 minutes
Frday--did not run
Saturday--hung over from Friday night--did not run
Sunday--did not run.

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