Thursday, November 17, 2011

Running log--Week #6 a.k.a "Sonnuva bitch!!!"

So, things were going well in my training through 5 weeks. I had seen some bumps and bruises along the way, but all in all, training was steady. I was averaging 10-12 miles per week, running 3-5 times. There were a few days that I would have to take off due to soreness, or fatigue, and weather. I started off week #6 in good form by running 3 miles on Monday night and I felt pretty good. The next day I was  a bit tired, but still planned on running. My wife ended up having to work late so I had to miss Tuesday, but that wasn't horrible. Wednesday was normally a day off of running, so I would just switch with Tuesday and not skip a beat. The problem was that my left knee began to hurt around noon. It slowly became more and more painful as the day went on. I decided not to run and by the time I was in bed my knee hurt like a Mo Fo. I ad a difficult time falling to sleep and woke up today with some tenderness. Perhaps I just needed to take a few days off and let things get better. Well, it may be more than just a few days as I can barely walk on it without feeling sharp pain in my knee. I'm not sure if I hyper extended it or what, but it's not happy.

When it comes to setting goals in the year 2011, I am getting kicked in the crotch over and over again. I really hope that this is not long-term and I can start up again by next Monday, but I haven't felt this much pain in my knee in a long long time. If any of my readers...Hello?
If any of my readers are religious in any way shape or form, then please pray for me as I am basically an atheist and will get no reply for god as he has most definitely "unfriended" me a long time ago. Thanks and I hope we passed the audition.

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