Sunday, November 13, 2011

Week #5 running log


I was disappointed by not being able to run on Monday or Tuesday. Weather and children's schedules got in the way, so I ran 4 days in a row starting Wednesday and am quite sore now. I am hoping that my body starts becoming stronger in the next 4 weeks so that I can add on the mileage before the end of the year.

Monday-Had little time to run and the little time I had, it was raining cats and dogs.
Tuesday-Had less time than the day before. DAMMITT!!
Wednesday-Ran for a little over 30 minutes and felt pretty good the entire time. Not so much after though. I drove the loop I ran to verify the distance and looks like I ended running close to 4.4 miles.
Thursday-ran for 30 minutes (close to 3 miles)
Friday-Ran for 30 minutes (close to 3 miles)
Saturday-Ran for 30 minutes (close to 3 miles) Feeling rather sore as I ran 4 days in a row to try an make up for missing Tuesday.

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