Monday, January 2, 2012

Live poker update

Whenever my wife has some time off, I try to get an outing, or in this case, two to the casino about 45 minutes from where I live. There are a few closer casinos, but they don't offer the amount of poker tables that will allow me to get in a game soon after arriving. Last week while I got a chance to get out to the Hammond Horseshoe twice to play some NLHE $1-$2. The last time I had played any serious poker, let alone live, was in Las Vegas back in September when I joined a group of five other friends for a faux-bachelor party over a long weekend. I played poker a disappointing two times then which was basically nothing due to the fact that I was trying to be part of the group. I wish I had just gone to the pool and drank some Pina Coladas instead. Anyways!!!

  I made the trip out to the Horseshoe and quickly got into a 1-2 NLHE game. My first hand I picked up pocket Queens and raised a limper to $14. I got a drunken coldcall from a guy immediately to my left who ended up folding on the turn when I hit my set and bet $55 in to a $65 pot. NAILED IT!!
Next big win I had pocket Kings which took down a nice pot. Things evened out for a while until I hit a set of 6s which once again took down an nice sized pot to put me up almost $2oo in the first hour. Soon after that , I young reg joined the game who had fleeced me a 4 months earlier when he caught 2 pair on the turn vs my small flush only to hit a 4 flush on the river to beat me. I limped with pocket 3s and he iso raised me to $16. I called and hit quad 3s. He fired the flop and checked the blank turn. He folded to my large river bet even though the final board totally nailed his preflop raising range. I made it up to +$300 at one point and finished my 4 hour session at +$271.

  The next trip was a few days later which ended up being uneventful as I slowly lost $100 in the first 2 hours only to make it up in the last hour and cashed out exactly even for the shortened session. I was quite happy to have the positive results as well as feel the excitement for poker that has been waining, especially online due to the lack of games, post Black Friday. I am still working on the Part 1 of my magnum Opus which will ultimately have to do with online poker legislation. the first part is an extensive survey into the history of deregulation starting in the 1920's and then jumping to the modern era (circa 1980). I was hoping to have finished it before New Year's , but I feel as though I have to do more research in order feel comfortable with my facts. I hope to have it for you soon. Have fun!

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