Sunday, January 1, 2012

Reflections and Refractions

If you are the author of a blog, then there is the obligatory posts that one must write and I am no different. With that being said, this is my "New Year's Blog entry" on the past year and my goals for the next, in no discernible order. 2011 was a wonderfully challenging year for me that tested my limits and questioned my sanity. It was a year of goals and failures, both being important to one's growth and education. This past year reflected my  areas of expertise and the many areas of limitation that I want to overcome. 2011 reminded me that I am human and riddled with faults that I don't want to be chains like Jacob Marley.

  The year started off on a high note, so to speak, as I was engulfed with teaching myself how to sing, once again. When I say "teach myself", I mean taking lessons with my musical mentor. That unfortunately came to a screeching halt with some family drahma which overshadowed my interests, like any family issues do. I was forced to make some tough decisions that were for the best, IMO, but was derailed from myself once again. I used what was left of March and April as a spring board back in to Online Poker, which had taken a back seat to music only to be thrown out the window by the DOJ when Full Tilt, Poker Stars, and Absolute were shut down. Thanks a lot Osama Bin Laden. I no longer could have my Cake and eat it too.

  I made some new goals to build an alternative online bankroll and separate live roll as well only to have that fantasy put on hold, by the happy realities of being a stay at home father of 3 sons under the age of 5. They have been the reason why I am not beating myself up for the countless stretch goals which I have not been able to complete in any way shape or form which leads me to my last  effort of self improvement (a.k.a. an exercise in futility). The Chicago Marathon

  I made the goal of taking up running again which I hadn't done seriously in 15-18 years when I was in Cross Country. I had always been an above average runner who never reached my potential which was reason enough to become more healthy and active for the sake of my family and a little ego boost to boot. The first 5 weeks went well until one day I couldn't straighten my left leg without excruciating pain. A little rest with the addition of scotch persuaded my inner procrastinator to take some medical leave which I have yet to recover from. This leads my to the 2012 portion of this entry which will hopefully set the tone for the new year:

  I am hoping that if I make my goals smaller, more reasonable, and attainable, that I may be able to reach and larger, stretch goal, like the Chicago Marathon, not necessarily in 2012 like I had wanted, but perhaps in the next year or two. I have so much going on as a parent, that any individual goal I make beyond that becomes unrealistic due to the scheduling conflicts inherent in taking care of 3 kids. I can only hope that this realization helps to decrease any peripheral pressure that I have place on myself in the hopes of any self improvement. Ironic, isn't it?

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