Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Updates about the pokerz

  It's been a while since I have posted an entry about poker, so here goes. I haven't had the chance to play much poker, although I have been thinking about it a great deal. As you may remember, I am in the process of writing a treatise on the hypocrisy of governmental policy towards online poker. What started out as a multiple blog entry has now morphed in to a blog paper on the subject. Since I am a stay at home father, I don't get much uninterrupted time to research and write, so I am far behind schedule which has been exacerbated by the fact that the more I research the more I need to research. I am about 45% complete and I hope that the 2nd half of the paper goes much faster as things come together. It's all part of the plan.

  To give everyone a little update on the poker challenge I started back in April, things have been moving at a snail's pace for the past 3 to 4 months. Real life has gotten so busy that I have little time for either online poker, or live poker. As yo may remember in a previous post back in October, I was focusing on my NLHE game online which fell off the proverbial cliff. I have slowly moved in a positive direction, thanks in large part to rakeback from Cake Poker. I am no where serious as to my development as I would like to be, but I just don't have the time to devote to my game in the way that I would like, so this is how it has to be until my 3 sons get a little older.

  The live poker has been a little bit better than my online results. I've only gotten 3 sessions in since the beginning of October, but am up $300 in 8 hours of play which was a nice recovery from the 3 buy in loss back in late August. I'm rather happy how I played in my last 3 sessions, not only because I am up, but I am taking more time to make decisions, consistently focused on the action, especially when I'm not in the hand, and applying that information when I am involved. I am still on the uber nitty side which helps my image and gives my bets a bit more respect, but I have time to learn the game and develop my gears. Right now I have 1st, 2nd, and reverse. All in all, I am +$634 for the year playing live NLHE over the course of about 44 hrs. This is obviously an incredibly small sample which doesn't mean much, but was important in giving me an idea of the concentration and patience I need to work on so that I can be on my "A" game whenever I play poker, especially if the time ever comes when I have the ability to put in 2-3 sessions per week. Anyways, thanks for reading, have fun, and I will hopefully start posting the fist 1/2 of my paper in the next 2-3 weeks.

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