Tuesday, December 27, 2011

I hate Legos

  To be more specific, I hate Lego sets. I have nothing against the idea of Legos themselves. I loved them as a kid and like to use my imagination to build planes, and houses, and swords. Back in the 70's and 80's legos were a little bit bigger and would stay together for the most part, unless you were being to rough. My 4 year old son asked for a Harry Potter Lego set and a Star Wars Lego set as well. The company builds some nice looking sets with a lot of detail and multiple figurines to play with. The problem is that your average set has 500-600 pieces that require more than some assembly. Within 10 minutes of a child or children playing with one of the lego sets, things start to fall apart due to the fact that the pieces are incredibly small. So whenever Harry casts the patronus charm, the god damned hair falls off his head or the bunk beds in the Griffyndor dorm room falls apart. They should just make the castle itself a few easy to put together pieces so that kids still get a chance to make something and then get to enjoy the toy without concern that Hogwarts is going to be nothing more than rubble before they finish reenacting the first week of school. The kick in the nuts for all of this is the fact that the cost of a lego set ranges from $50-$160 depending on the size. I would have liked to have bought the Millenium Falcon for my kids, but between the 2 business days worth of work, the 13 1/2 minutes it would have taken to destroy, and the $159.99 (on sale) price tag made me want to cancel Christmas. Legos is in the business of causing stress.

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